Computer Software Workshop for High School Chemistry and Physics Teachers

The SACP, in Educational Partnership with the National Energy Technology Laboratory, present the following workshop:

Herbert Retcofsky Computer Software Workshop for High School Chemistry & Physics Teachers

    WHEN: TBA (April or May, 2022)
    TIME: 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
    COST: $20.00 (includes lunch)

Questions? Contact Hub MacDonald
Phone: 724-942-2592

What is the SACP Computer Software Workshop?

The Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh (SACP) offers a computer software workshop for high school chemistry and physics teachers. The software to be demonstrated includes data manipulation software from Vernier Software & Technology, physics’ laboratory simulation software by Prof. Richard Tarara, simulation and classroom programs from Journal of Chemical Education (JCE) Software and Victor Bendall Software. Much of the JCE Software is web enabled. Web access will be available during the workshop. The specific subjects to be covered include, but will not be limited to, graphing of data, curve fitting, harmonic analysis, spectrophotometry, chemical and physical periodicity of the elements, tutorials, and a variety of laboratory simulations. Participants will perform a quantitative spectrophotometric analysis using their cell phones and materials provided. Teachers keep all software discussed including Vernier’s Logger-Pro for use in their own classrooms. Each teacher will also receive a complimentary, one-year Journal of Chemical Education subscription that entitles him/her to download a variety of science education software and access to many past issues of the Journal at no additional cost. The workshop will conclude with a “Great (well – almost great) Book and Software Give Away!” Also, there will be a drawing at workshop end. A teacher will receive a Vernier’s LabQuest 2 Starter Kit ( with a retail value of over $550 (must be present to win).

The workshop will be presented at a place and date to be determined (April or May 2022). Each teacher should bring their own laptop. A link will be provided to registered teachers to download workshop materials prior to the workshop. The workshop is computer based and all software is high quality, user friendly, and well adapted for the science classroom, science laboratory, or homework assignments. Participants are able to use the software during the workshop. Most of the workshop software is available for PCs and newer Macintoshes.

Please indicate you intention to attend the workshop. There is limited space available at the site under consideration. A list will be developed of teachers and their response date. Attendees will be selected based on their response dates. When teachers are selected, they will have to fill out a registration form and submit a $20.00 registration fee.

We have changed our planning processes due to Covid restrictions.