October Monthly Meeting

Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh Monthly Meeting

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WHEN: Wednesday – October 15, 2014
RSVP BY: Thursday – October 9, 2014

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Technology Forum Speaker’s Presentation & Social Hour: 5:30 PM – Laura Falk Lecture Hall (located in Mellon Hall)
Social Hour: 5:30 PM – City View Café (6th Floor of Union)
Dinner: 6:30 PM – City View Café (6th Floor of Union)
Business Meeting: 8:00 PM – Laura Falk Lecture Hall (located in Mellon Hall)
Technical Program Speaker’s Presentation: 8:15 PM – Laura Falk Lecture Hall (located in Mellon Hall)

Professor Geraldine Richmond – Department of Chemistry, University of Oregon

“Oil On Water: Calming The Seas But Not The Science”
Since the Romans first spread oil on water to calm the raging seas, curiosity has persisted about the unique nature of the interface between water and a hydrophobic liquid. Understanding how molecules behave at an oil-water interface is critical for solving many technological and environmental problems. This presentation will focus on our most recent efforts in understanding the molecular structure of the oilwater interface and the unique environment it provides for ions, molecules, macromolecules, and nanoparticles that are drawn into its inner realm. The studies are a combination of spectroscopic and thermodynamic measurements coupled with theoretical simulations.

Tim Russell– Maggie’s Rum Farm

“Principles and History of Rum Distillation”
Tim Russell will speak of the science, both the biological and thermodynamic aspects that comprise
alcohol fermentation and distillation. He will also offer a brief history of rum distillation and some specifics
of the operation and history of Maggie’s Farm rum.