October Monthly Meeting

Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh Monthly Meeting

WHEN: Wednesday – October 19, 2016
WHERE: Duquesne University
RSVP BY: Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 12:00 noon

Dinner reservations are no longer being accepted.

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Technology Forum Speaker’s Presentation & Social Hour: 5:30 PM – Power Center Ballroom Section C
Social Hour: 5:30 PM – Power Center Fides Shepperson Suite
Dinner: 6:45 PM – Power Center Ballroom Section C
Business Meeting: 8:00 PM – Power Center Ballroom Section C
Technical Program Speaker’s Presentation: 8:15 PM – Power Center Ballroom Section C


“Pittcon Planetarium Presentation”
The current planetarium was purchased in 2010 by Pittcon as part of Science Week in Atlanta. The societies started offering the planetarium program in 2011 to local school districts in Western Pennsylvania on a first come, first serve basis depending on the schedules of the volunteer society members.

Dr. Ori Fox, Research Scientist Space Telescope Science Institute

“Now You See Them, Now You Don’t: Exploding Stars and the James Webb Space Telescope”
Supernovae are the explosions of stars that reach the ends of their lifetime. These awesome events are nearly as bright as the entire galaxy which hosts them. Yet the astronomical community has surprisingly few constraints on the supernova progenitor systems because it is quite difficult to identify the stars before they explode. In this talk I will provide an overview of supernova explosions, with plenty of fantastic images both before and after the stellar deaths, highlighting both the current state of the field and the remaining mysteries. I will incorporate raw data from telescopes I use, including Keck and Hubble. Finally, I will discuss the future of astronomical observations with NASA’s next flagship mission, the James Webb Space Telescope. …Read Bio