September Monthly Meeting

WHEN: Wednesday, September 18, 2019
WHERE: Duquesne University
RSVP BY: Monday, September 11, 2019 by NOON
Dinner reservations are no longer being accepted.

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    5:30 PM Social Hour: Power Center Ballroom
    6:30 PM Dinner: Power Center Ballroom
    Student Affiliate Meeting: Shepperson Suite
    7:30 PM Business Meeting: Power Center Ballroom
    8:00 PM Technical Program: Power Center Ballroom


    Please note change in venue.
    5:30 PM Technology Forum: Room 613 (Duquesne Union)
    5:30 PM Social Hour: Africa Room (Duquesne Union)
    6:30 PM Dinner: Africa Room (Duquesne Union)
    7:45 PM Business Meeting: Africa Room (Duquesne Union)
    8:00 PM Technical Program: Africa Room (Duquesne Union)
    Student Affiliate Meeting: Shepperson Suite


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Dr. Isao Noda, Affiliated Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Delaware

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“Two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy and Development of Bioplastics Nodax™”
Isao Noda was born in Tokyo, Japan, came to the United States in 1969 and graduated from Columbia University in the City of New York in 1974 with B.S. degree in chemical engineering. He received his M.S. in bioengineering (1976), as well as M.Phil. (1978) and Ph.D. (1979) in chemical engineering from Columbia. In 1997 he also received D.Sc. degree in chemistry from the University of Tokyo. He worked for the Procter and Gamble Company in Cincinnati, Ohio from 1978 to 2012.

After retiring from P&G, he became an Affiliated Professor at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Delaware and also holds the position of Chief Science Officer and Senior Vice President at Danimer Scientific in Bainbridge, GA. His research interest is in the broad area of polymer science and spectroscopy. He is known for the development of a novel class of bio-based biodegradable plastics Nodax™ and also a versatile analytical technique called two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy.

He is a recipient of the 1991 William F. Meggers Award from the Society for Applied Spectroscopy and the 2002 Williams-Wright Award from the Coblentz Society. He was selected as the 2005 Chemist of the Year by the Cincinnati Section of the American Chemical Society. He received the International Academic Cooperation and Exchange Medal in 2008 from the Chinese Chemical Society and Chinese Optical Society, the New York State Society for Applied Spectroscopy’s Gold Medal in 2009, the 2011 Bomem-Mechelson Award from the Coblentz Society, and the 2011 Ellis R. Lippincott Award jointly from the Optical Society of America, the Society for Applied Spectroscopy and the Coblentz Society. He became a Fellow in 2011 and Honorary Member in 2013 of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy and a Fellow of the Optical Society of America in 2012. He has about ninety (90) patents granted in the US and the EU, published over four hundred (403) articles in peer-reviewed journals, and coauthored three (3) books.