Pittcon Elementary/Middle School Science Equipment Grant

+ Deadline is  December 10, 2023
+ IMPORTANT: Do not request or order chemicals or materials that may pose safety hazards to your students!


The program is open to teachers in any schools in PA, OH, WV, VA, MD, NJ, DE, or NY who teach science in grades K-8. You need not be designated officially as a science teacher to apply.


  • The total cost of all items requested in a given year must not exceed $600.
  • Do not request more than five individual items. Multiple quantities of a single item, e.g., 10 thermometers, count as one individual item.
  • Do not use more than one vendor. The preferred vendor is NASCO. Please use the catalog from one of the following specified vendors: NASCO, Frey Scientific, Vernier Software and Technology, FisherScientific, and Apple when preparing your grant application.
  • Funding will be based on the number of applications received and available funds.
  • No single school, except under extraordinary circumstances, shall receive from this program more than one award in each two-year period. Schools receiving awards this school year will be eligible again in 2025/2026.
  • The items requested in a funded proposal will be purchased by the SACP and shipped directly to the school address. Cash awards will not be given except in very special cases.
  • Questions should be referred by e-mail to info@chemistryoutreach.org.

Application is closed until August 2024.