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Monday, March 11

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Technical Program

Dr. Carrie McDonough

Department of Chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University

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“Sifting Through Thousands of “Forever Chemicals” Using Ion Mobility-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry and Total Organofluorine Techniques”

Humans and all other living things are continuously exposed to mixtures of per/polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) via drinking water, diet, indoor dust, and commercial products (e.g., textiles, food wrappers, and cosmetics). Over time, these exposures have led to widespread accumulation of PFASs in human serum, and in the tissues and fluids of virtually every other animal investigated. Biomonitoring efforts have successfully established the global occurrence of perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAAs) and several other PFASs in human blood. However, despite considerable efforts to expand analyte lists to encompass more of the thousands of known PFASs, studies continue to report a significant gap between total organofluorine and total quantifiable PFASs in human blood. Identifying the PFASs contributing to this unidentified organofluorine (UOF) gap is essential to understand predominant exposure pathways, and will enable a more complete understanding of total body burden and associated health impacts. Here I will discuss progress toward characterizing PFAS mixtures in biological samples, including high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) efforts and bioanalytical approaches for the identification and prioritization of novel PFASs.

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The monthly meeting will be held in the Power Center Ballroom, Duquesne University. Registration for dinner is required.

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5:00 pm – Social Hour
6:00 pm – Dinner
6:45 pm – Business Meeting
7:15 pm – Technical Program

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6:45 pm – Business Meeting
7:15 pm – Technical Program

PARKING: Duquesne University Parking Garage entrance is on Forbes Avenue. The Power Center can be accessed from the 8th Floor of the Forbes Garage. Bring your parking ticket to the dinner or meeting for a validation sticker.If there is a special event, please note that you are there for the SACP/SSP meeting.

About the Program Speaker

Carrie McDonough is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University. She received her B. Sc. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her Ph.D. from the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography. Her research resides at the intersection of environmental analytical chemistry, environmental health engineering, and chemical biology. She is interested in understanding how organic contaminants impact aquatic ecosystems and human health, with an emphasis on chronic exposures to complex environmentally-relevant mixtures. She is currently working on several projects focused on the toxicokinetics of PFAS mixtures and comprehensive high-resolution mass spectrometry approaches to PFAS biomonitoring.