The SACP & SSP is dedicated to educating members of the scientific community, students, and teachers about chemistry, spectroscopy, and science in general. We achieve this goal by providing schools in need with equipment necessary to educate students.

K-12 Grants

Elementary/Middle School Equipment Grants   SACP  

This program gives elementary and middle school teachers an opportunity to submit proposals for the purchase of up to $600 worth of science equipment and supplies. The SACP typically funds 75% to 80% of proposals received. Equipment is purchased by the SACP and shipped directly to the school.

High School Equipment Grants   SSP  

This program provides high school teachers of biology, chemistry, physics and general science with the opportunity to request equipment/supplies valued up to $2,000 to incorporate the use of spectroscopy and related topics in their curriculum.

Elementary School/Middle School Science Olympiad Program (EMSSOP)   SSP  

The SSP will provide funding for elementary and middle schools wishing to develop a Science Olympiad Program for their students. A Science Olympiad program is a hands-on event which excites, inspires and challenges students of all abilities about science. $2,500 funds for individual schools are available for equipment and materials related to implementation of the Olympiad.

K-12 Science Innovation Grant   SACP+SSP  

This annual grant provides funding up to $2,000 for innovative and unique projects for science classrooms throughout the SACP and SSP geographic region. Public and private schools are eligible for these grants. Grant applications may be submitted for course-specific or building-wide projects. Applications are reviewed based upon student impact, innovation, connection to the science curriculum, etc. Grant recipients must provide a final report on the outcome of the proposed program.

College/University Grants

Pittsburgh Conference Memorial National College Grants (PCMNCG)   SACP + SSP  

Originally established in memory of R.K. Scott, 1955 President of the Pittsburgh Conference, this award serves as a memorial to deceased members of the Pittsburgh Conference Committee by promoting excellence in science education. Through this program, small colleges can enhance their science curricula through grants of up to $10,000 to purchase equipment and course materials.

Undergraduate Analytical Research Program (UARP) Grant   SACP  

The Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh will award two grants of up to $10,000 each, and one grant of $5,000 to promote high-quality, innovative undergraduate research. The objective of this grant is to promote training and development of undergraduate students in the field of analytical chemistry.

Starter Grant   SACP + SSP  

The SACP/SSP Starter Grants are given to encourage high-quality, innovative research by beginning chemistry professors. The goal of the grants is to promote the training and development of graduate students in the fields of spectroscopy and analytical chemistry. Two grants are awarded each year: a $40,000 grant from the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh in the area of analytical chemistry and a $35,000 grant from the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh in the area of spectroscopy.

College Equipment Grant Program (CEGP)   SSP  

The purpose of the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh College Equipment Grants Program is to contribute to science programs at colleges and universities with enrollments of no more than 7,500 undergraduate students. The grant was created to be used to assist with the purchase of new instrumentation or to upgrade existing instrumentation, accessories and equipment related to the study of spectroscopy. The maximum amount of the grant is $5,000.

Professional Grants

Science Institution Grant   SACP + SSP  

This grant was created with the intent of helping community groups, clubs, organizations, etc. in developing and supporting a science outreach program or activity. Maximum funding for each application is $5,000.

College/Institution Virtual Broadcasting Grant   SACP + SSP  

We will pick up the tab, (up to $300), for dinner and soft drinks if you host one of our virtual monthly Technical Programs at your United States college or institution.