Pittcon Undergraduate Analytical Research Program Grant (UARP)

+ Deadline is  February 29, 2024 

The Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh will award two grants of up to $10,000 and one grant of $5000 each to promote high-quality, innovative undergraduate research in the field of analytical chemistry. The objective of this grant is to promote training and development of undergraduate students in the field of analytical chemistry.


Chemistry faculty at U.S. colleges and universities not having a graduate program in the chemical sciences are eligible to apply. The faculty member must currently be conducting or planning to conduct research in the field of analytical chemistry with the assistance of undergraduate students. Faculty from branch campuses of universities with graduate programs are permitted to apply provided that only undergraduate programs are available at the branch campus. Award recipients will not be able to apply for future awards under this program for a period of three years.

Selection Criteria

The criteria that will be used by the SACP UARP Grant Committee to select the award recipients are as follows:

The scientific merit of the proposal.
The impact of the proposal on the field of analytical chemistry.
The impact of the proposal on the development of undergraduate students .
A demonstrated need for funding.

Restrictions on the Use of Funds

The funds will be payable to the recipient’s department and must be deposited in a research account for the recipient. The funds must be free from overhead deductions. The funds must be used for research. They cannot be used for travel or personal expenses. They cannot be used to pay faculty salaries, but can be used to provide funds to undergraduate students to conduct research in one of two ways:

    Provide tuition remuneration for the credits obtained by performing the research.
    Provide a stipend to a student for the time spent performing research during the summer. Students may receive either (a) or (b), but not both.

This proposal shall not be considered as an Equipment Grant. A SMALL amount can be used for the purchase of some minor equipment. The main focus is best expressed in Item3 in Selection Criteria. The dollar amount requested for equipment and materials (including chemicals) cannot exceed 40% of the total request or the application will be excluded from consideration.

Questions? Send email to: info@chemistryoutreach.org

Grant Application

The funds from this grant may not be combined with funds obtained through any other SACP or Pittsburgh Conference-sponsored program in order to purchase equipment. A brief annual report on the use of the funds, along with images, must be submitted to the SACP until all of the funding is used up. Funding from the SACP must be acknowledged in all publications of the results of research conducted with this grant.

Application will be available in August.