Starter Grant

+ Deadline is  March 8, 2023 


The SACP/SSP Starter Grant are given to encourage high-quality, innovative research by beginning chemistry professors. The goal of the grants is to promote the training and development of graduate students in the fields of spectroscopy and analytical chemistry.

Two grants will be awarded in May 2023:

  • $40,000 grant from the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh in the area of analytical chemistry
  • $30,000 grant from the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh in the area of spectroscopy


Assistant professors who have accepted an appointment at a U.S. college or university since July 31, 2020 are eligible. Candidates, who have submitted applications in previous years may reapply, provided these eligibility criteria are met. Repeat awards to former recipients will not be given.

The award is intended to support faculty early in their academic careers. Therefore, applicants who have already obtained multi-year research or teaching support beyond start-up funds will not be considered eligible for this starter grant.

Selection Criteria

The criteria that will be used by the SACP and SSP Starter Grant Committees are as follows:

    • The scientific merit of the proposal.
    • The impact of the proposal on the field of analytical chemistry or spectroscopy.
    • The impact of the proposal on the development of graduate students who are working in the proposed field of study.
    • A demonstrated need for funding. Applicants must provide a detailed explanation of the need and must include all current funding including the start up funds.

Restriction on the Use of Funds

The funds will be made payable to the awardee’s department and must be deposited in a research account for the awardee.

    • Funds must be free from overhead deductions.
    • Funds must be used strictly for research, not for salaries or for personal expenses.

Otherwise, they are to be spent at the discretion of the awardee without restriction from the SACP or SSP or the awardee’s institution. A brief report to the appropriate society regarding how the funds were spent is required.

We are no longer accepting submission.